Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Theology of the Body

Anneli spoke about The Theology of the Body at last Wednesday's Real Presence talk. These talks help to deepen the formation in the faith of adults in our parish. The theology of the body, developed by the teachings of Blessed John Paul II and based firmly in Catholic tradition, gives us that insight into the nature of the human person, inseparably a bodily and a spiritual being. How often we seek divorcee this nature; in doing so we undermine our dignity, we become half a person.

Anneli spoke about our true nature and value, the family and society and the priority of love.

I'm sure I speak for us all when I say that those of us who attended were immensely grateful to Anneli for her insights and hard work.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Advent Hope

The Holy Father spoke these words at St Peter’s to mark the season of Advent

In this Advent Season we shall be granted once again to experience the closeness of the One who created the world, who guides history and who cared for us to the point of deigning to become a man.

This great and fascinating mystery of the God-with-us, indeed, of the God who becomes one of us, is what we shall celebrate in the coming weeks journeying towards holy Christmas. During the Season of Advent we shall feel the Church which takes us by the hand and — in the image of Mary Most Holy, expresses her motherhood, enabling us to experience the joyful expectation of the coming of the Lord, who embraces us all in his love that saves and consoles.
While our hearts look forward to the annual celebration of Christ’s Birth, the Church’s Liturgy directs our gaze to the final goal: our encounter with the Lord who will come in the splendour of glory. For this reason in every Eucharist we “announce his death, proclaim his Resurrection until he comes again”, we watch in prayer.

The Liturgy does not cease to encourage and support us, putting on our lips, in the days of Advent, the cry with which the whole of Sacred Scripture ends, on the last page of the Revelation to St John: “Come, Lord Jesus” (22:20).

The latest Biggerstaff

My brother and sister in law look forward to the birth of their next child in March, please keep them in your prayers. They gave a lovely birthday party for me last Friday. Yesterday evening we had the planning meeting for the Parish Pro-Life Group. There will be a newsletter from the group on 17th December. We'll also have the White Flower Appal for the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children towards the end of January. Meanwhile this beautiful image is surely life, the same as yours and mine. Patrick and Loretta's baby is pictured here at 3 months.