Monday, 13 February 2012

Helping the homeless in Horsham

This weekend the SVP will be hosting an urgent appeal for supplies of food for ARK, the Horsham based charity which gives support to those whose lives are affected by homelessness, poverty, repeat offending and substance abuse.

This is a key part of our mission as Christians; to clothe the naked and feed the hungry, to give to anyone who asks with no thought of return. Sometimes it can be hard to see those truly in need in our own society, within our own community and even if we do it becomes even harder to offer assistance, although moved by the Spirit to do something, anything, we don't always know quite how to respond.

ARK, along with our very own SVP, do absolutely sterling work, they help the vulnerable in our society with dedication, gentleness and amazing charity and most of all they need our prayers to continue this long into the future. If you can please help them with the collection this weekend too, a few tins of this and that is all it takes and it makes such a very big difference.

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