Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Confirmation Mass at St. John's

As you all know last Thursday Bishop Kieran came down to Horsham to celebrate the Confirmations of no less than 39 of our young people!! (Three had already been confirmed at Worth but everyone else received the sacrament last week.) It was really very special to have this here in our own parish as it allowed the whole community to share in this wonderful moment in a bigger way and, for the young people, it must have been quite touching too.

The Mass itself was beautiful (as always) and the presence of the Holy Spirit was tangible (and spine tingling) as each group went up with their sponsor to be anointed with oil.

I only have a few snaps from my phone of the event, if anyone has any others they'd like to share please leave a comment in the box below and I'll arrange to have them added. We really would like to see them!!
The marvellous Robert Bousfield of Bousfield:PHOTO was taking lots of snaps that night which can be viewed and ordered here.

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