Sunday, 15 July 2012

Society of African Missions

This weekend we were very blessed to be visited by Fr. Sylvester who, although currently based in the UK for the next couple of years, is from the Society of African Missions. He preached a good homily and spoke passionately and beautifully about the work of the SMA in his home continent and the importance, despite us all having to tighten our belts at this difficult financial time, of supporting the priests and missionaries who have dedicated their lives to proclaiming the Gospel. In addition to promoting vocations and training candidates for the priesthood the society is also intimately involved in pastoral work in parishes, education, healthcare and helping communities to develop. Their work is invaluable, you can read more about it on the SMA British Province website here. (If you didn't see Fr. Sylvester this morning or get a chance to donate to the society's work in Africa then you can do so here or by downloading and returning via post this Gift Aid form.)

Please, please do pray for Fr. Sylvester and all of those who work with the SMA and those they serve in Africa. It makes a huge difference!

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