Tuesday, 1 November 2011

All Hallows

Our All saints celebrations began on Sunday. Whilst many in Horsham were dressing as spooks and witches, the children of St John's took the opportunity to dress as saints, the hallowed ones. We had George and Bernadette, Dorothy and Philomena, Christopher and John the Baptist and many more besides. The parachute game was a big hit! Fr Peter returned to lead it and it was great to see him. Fr Aaron compared the procession of saints with consummate professionalism and I used the excuse to wear my biretta (I need no excuse) and came as St Philip Neri. I am edified that 3 year olds in my parish not only know what a biretta is, they can also spell it!
Thanks to Celia and her team for the fun and food and to Peter for the photos.
As we keep our novena for life culminating in the all night vigil before the Blessed Sacrament this Friday, so we are so grateful for the young lives -saints in the making- the All Hallows of St John's.
St Philip did odd things with his beard to disarm the pompous!

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