Friday, 4 November 2011

Before the Lord of Life and Love

After Holy Mass tonight we keep vigil before the Lord of Life and Love.
That the dignity of human life at all its stages will be upheld.
That abortion will end
and frail and vulnerable life will be especially cherished.


  1. The novena, Mass and vigil were all absolutely amazing and profoundly humbling experiences of God's love and mercy for all people at every stage of life. Thank you, Father, for saying Mass for us last night (it was wonderful) and supporting us, and can you please pass a big thanks from the Pro-Life group on to Fr. Gerard too!

  2. Great experience on Friday evening - Thanks to the Prolife Group for organising the wonderful Vigil.

  3. What an amazing 9 days .I found the whole experience both soul searching and uplifting.Thank you Fr Richard for your support and help and thanks to Fr Gerard for his amazing homily and for the reassurance he gave me in our talk after the Vigil.I think a big thankyou should go to FR Terry who passed the whole cocept of a pro life group over to Fr Peter who set us on our way.God Bless to all


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