Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Not I, Lord, surely....

We could be forgiven for thinking that Judas Iscariot has been the central figure of these last three days. Rebuking Mary of Bethany for her extravagance, leaving the Lord in the dead of night, in today's gospel (from St Matthew) we find him simply denying that he is to betray Jesus.
It is almost as if he does not know himself. The well of corruption within him, the stagnant water of disappointment. Is it too fanciful to suggest that he stands for each of us? Sometime the evil that runs deep is deeply surprising as it manifests itself in cruelty. Do we know of what we are capable? Judas does not stand alone. His voice is one of many, for all the disciples cry out 'Not I, Lord, Surely!'
The next three days focus upon Jesus. In the demonstration of his love as he washes feet, as He agonises in the garden for love, as He takes up His cross and endures its shame, we focus upon Him and only Him. Always His gaze will be toward us. His grace will draw out the deep pool of life within us, His love will inspire us to great goodness. And as He singles us out, it is as if we will point to ourselves and say, 'Not I, Lord, surely!' I am the one you have chosen, I am the one you have inspired, I am the one you love...

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