Saturday, 31 March 2012

Praying with the Pope

Couldn't resist this recent pic of Papa
Bene in a sombrero on his visit to Mexico
As Lent draws rapidly towards its climax and the start of Easter many if us may be pondering how we can keep some of the special atmosphere of prayer going after Good Friday has come and gone. Equally I'm sure many of us set ourselves extremely hard challenges that were too difficult to keep and might like the idea of adopting a less rigorous devotion or schedule for the upcoming months.

Each month the Pope releases his prayer intentions. They range from missionary endeavours to help for the sick but no matter what the topic hey are an encouragement for all of us to pray as one body, one voice, one community, one Church for a specific intention. Prayer is the single most powerful tool at our disposal and all of us praying together is a force to be reckoned with indeed. So why not join Papa Bene this April in praying that many young people may hear the call of Christ and follow Him in the priesthood and religious life and that the risen Christ may be a sign of certain hope for the men and women of the African continent.

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