Friday, 2 March 2012

Blog reshuffle

As you can see I have had a play around with the layout of the blog. It's still a working process and if there are any suggestions/comments I would be grateful for them. And whilst we're on the subject of commenting I am glad to let you know that, since many of you have emailed regarding not being able to post comments without having your own Google account, I have amended the restrictions to allow anyone to do so. I do, however, have one small request...please leave a name. Anonymous comments are a personal bug bear of mine and I won't publish them. By all means use a nickname or pseudonym if you don't feel comfortable leaving your real name, even initials will do!

If I can draw your attention to two items on the sidebar; "Local Catholic Websites" and "Local Catholic Blogs." I've added all of the things I could instantly think of but if there's something missing you'd like me to add then please comment on this post or email me here.

One last thing; I would like to change the overall background to an image of St. John's but all the ones I have are either too small or just not that nice. If any of you have a really good one that you could send me to upload that would be wonderful.

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