Thursday, 8 March 2012

How's Lent for you?

So we're a couple of weeks in and I have to is Lent this year going for you? Some of us enjoy it, some not so much, some persevere with apparent ease in fasting from chocolate (or whatever else it is we've given up) others find it a constant struggle. But how "well" we do (or think we are doing) as we go through Lent isn't what's important, in fact our efforts on their own are quite futile. What does matter is our entering into, in whatever way we can, a deeper relationship with Christ. To offer up our little penances, our fasts, our alms giving to the Lord, we try to suffer with Him in the desert, to unite ourselves with Him in a different way, to enter into His life, His Passion, His death in a personal way. In dying to ourselves in the little things of every day we allow more space for God's grace, give Him the opportunity to work within us and make us more like Him. It can be a long and arduous process, Lent can feel long and arduous, but at the end of it is the best of rewards; Christ Himself. And that makes all the penance and what not more than worthwhile.

So if you fancy doing that little bit extra over the next few weeks to give yourself to God that bit more there are plenty of things happening in the parish. Each week there are the Stations of the Cross at 7:30pm on Fridays and our special intention each week is that the dignity of each and every human life will be respected and cherished all over the world. We also have our "Lenten Challenge"; with Mass every Tuesday at 6:30am followed by a simple breakfast in the hall. And don't forget our Parish Reconciliation Service on 30th March. All fantastic opportunities to move closer to the Lord!

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