Friday, 23 March 2012

Stations of the Cross

Each Friday evening in Lent we gather together to pray the Stations of the Cross, to walk with Jesus on that most dark, difficult and painful of journeys. We acknowledge our sinfulness, swallow our pride and instead of continually turning away from God, rejecting Him and His Church, constantly pushing Him away we turn back towards Him and, even though it is hard, we follow Him. In this overwhelming act of love, unconditional, burning love, for each and every one of us Jesus teaches us to pick up our own cross; He takes most, virtually all, of the weight, we have but a little to bear. And in walking that road with Him He uses our sacrifice, our submission to the Father's will to transform us, to help us die to ourselves and become the people we were created to be.

Tonight the Stations were prayerfully led by Fr. Richard, Fr. Aaron and the boys from Youth Cafe. Slightly less boisterous than pictured here (that photo was taken after ample helpings of pizza and fizzy drinks) they helped us to reflect on what Our Lord suffered and to pray, as Jesus did at all times, for the needs of others. Even though I am slightly biased I must admit that they did brilliantly, especially when you consider they had barely half an hour to prepare. Well done guys!

Please do join us on Good Friday at 10am where our wonderful Confirmation candidates will lead us in the Stations.

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