Thursday, 13 October 2011

1066 and all that....

Fr Gerard Hatton offered Mass last Saturday in honour of St Edward the Confessor at the Confessor's Shrine in the Collegiate and Abbey Church of St Peter at Westminster. As a Catholic priest he was delighted to be welcomed so warmly by the Abbey's staff and to be able to offer Holy Mass. I hope HM the Queen knew!
Today is St Edward's feast, remembered (to paraphrase Mgr Knox) because he gave a poor man his dinner. As we lead up to the Thirteenth Anniversary of the signing of a Covenant with the Poor in this parish, so we take inspiration from St Edward. May we use our power and privilege -however small- for the good of others.


  1. How marvellous. This reminds me of our parish pilgrimage to York earlier this year when Fr Terry offered Mass in one of the chapels at York Abbey (the oldest I think; mea culpa, I have forgotten its name, but I'm sure Katherine can remind me). It was a privilege and very moving to participate in the Mass and felt a bit like stepping out of time... The Anglican staff there were also fantastic and went out of their way to welcome us and show us round.

  2. Lucky Fr. Gerard! Must've been quite something to be there.

    And Anneli it was the Zouche Chapel which was indeed part of the original Minster building.


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