Wednesday, 12 October 2011

St Wilfrid

Wilfrid of York and Apostle of Sussex too! We marked the feast with Mass at 10am and 7.30pm. Our lovely carved wood image of Wilfrid was placed upon the sanctuary. I let the Venerable Bede preach the homily this evening. Wilfrid met the hungry of Sussex with practical help and taught them how to fish. Its a challenge! Jesus speaks in the gospel to the pharisees. He is hard hitting! The implication is that we take the burdens of people seriously and do what we can to lift them.
Our day finished with an excellent presentation on the vocation of a Catholic teacher given by our own Chris Franke. Chris is assistant head and head of RE at the splendid and impressive ST WILFIRD'S CATHOLIC SCHOOL CRAWLEY.

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  1. Last wk.end Mgr. Tony Barry told us about another Wilfrid connected to Crawley. Mary Scawen Blunt's sons Francis and Wilfrid founded a permanent church there 150 years ago. They were all Anglican converts and friends of Cardinal John Henry Newman.


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