Tuesday, 11 October 2011

We adore you O Christ and we bless you.

This is the sacristy press. The vestments are stored in the large horizontal drawers. The upright feature was removed when the Martyrs altar was relocated in the Martyrs chapel. It was then restored and now houses a crucifix and some relics. The crucifix is French, of carved wood. I used some of my leaving gift from Lewes to buy it. The relics are of St Emilie de Rodat and St Robert Southwell. As the priest vests for Mass it is traditional that he say vesting prayers of preparation. These prayers are in Ditchling script on the left. This feature is a focus for us in those few minutes before Mass. This prayer is often said quietly by the priest during this time.

My purpose is to celebrate Mass 
and to make present the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ 
according to the rite of the holy Roman Church, 
to the praise of almighty God 
and of the whole Church triumphant in heaven, 
for my own welfare and that of the whole Church militant on earth, 
for all who in general and in particular 
have commended themselves to my prayers, 
and for the well-being of the holy Roman Church.


May joy and peace, 
amendment of life, 
room for true penitence, 
the grace and comfort of the Holy Ghost, 
and steadfastness in good works be granted us 
by the almighty and merciful Lord.



  1. Beautiful. Big improvement ... Well done!

    May St Emilie and St Robert pray for us.

  2. What beautiful prayers. And somehow very reassuring to know that the priest is saying these words as he prepares to celebrate Mass. It makes me realise we're in safe hands - the Lord's, through the priest's!

    The press looks beautiful too and how nice to know that St Emilie and St Robert's relics have a dignified place to rest.


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