Wednesday, 26 October 2011


JB Morton's St Therese of Lisieux has been a beautiful read. For our recollection this evening we focused on Therese. The Mass was a votive of Therese and the talk....largely given by JBM. What a find!

'Men and women of all nations have realised, after reading the story of of St Therese, that her teaching, because it is the teaching of the Gospels, is more consonant with man as he is made than the newest of the philosophies. Her business is with our souls. We can read her words and ignore her advice. But we cannot deny that it is we who have abandoned religion.'

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  1. A beautiful, prayerful evening; thank you Father!

    I was particularly struck by another excerpt you read from the book, pointing out that Saints see the world “upside down” from most of us. What we view as hard or inconvenient, they see as blessings: opportunities to grow in faith and virtue, share in Christ’s redemptive sufferings on the Cross and become closer to God. Rather than grumbling and blaming God for painful circumstances, they examine themselves instead to see how they are responding to those circumstances. Food for thought!

    St Therese, pray for us. It’s a shame this saint is sometimes viewed as having a bit of a “saccharine” image, because I think she’s as strong and determined as they come!


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